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Tanya's Testimonials

Below are just some of the recent comments from my lovely clients.

I have lost my recent testimonials when my computer crashed and the updated website went with it. If yours is missing below I am so sorry, I am doing what I can to find the files and   re-upload them. Your kind words are really important to me, and I am hoping to have them back up very soon.

Julian... Essex. You have restored my faith in people. Your reading was spot on even though it wasn’t what I wanted to hear I know it was the truth and it allowed me to do something about my life. Thanks for having the courage to be honest.

Jason. J. Knightsbridge. I found you blunt and to the point, how refreshing J. I have enough yes men in my life but at last there is someone who is not afraid to talk straight and tell it like it is, life isn’t all roses all the time and we all need a Tanya to tell us that. Will be back for more soon.

Stephen. J. ...... Gloucestershire. Straight talking is the only way to describe your style. A lot of people may be surprised by your honesty but I’m glad of it, I’ve had enough of people telling me what I want to hear, I can do that myself what I needed was some straight answers and you provided that in all its honesty, thanks again.

Sam. K....... Portsmouth. I thought O was a lost caused and had even been told as much but you saw through that and didn’t judge me. All I needed was for someone to be straight and honest and that someone was you. Your reading answered my questions and addressed my doubts and you spell work really brought about the changes I needed. It has given me the fresh start I needed.

Helen and Michael ....Stratford. amazingly honest. We thought all was lost and although you told us it would be hard to turn things around your spells certainly helped us. Now thanks to you things are back on track and we are happy again and looking forwards.

Sue ...Bournemouth. I have to say I thought it was all twaddle at first and only had a reading as my friend suggested I give you a try....but then you told me things you couldn’t possibly know and some things I really didn’t want to know but I am glad I do now. I am a convert and a believer you truly do have a gift and I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for helping me see what was right in front of me.

Christine .....London. It worked!! I got the job and am moving home, all thanks to your help and advice.

Loraine .... Nottingham. I thought at first that you had got it wrong, but when I look at things more clearly you was right all along. Thankfully it wasn’t too late for me to take your advice and it has saved me from what turned out to be bad relationship. Thank you and god bless

Margret.T. ......  Leighton buzzard. Inspired and insightful is how I would describe your readings, effective and powerful is how I would describe you spells, honest and caring is how I would describe you. I came looking for help and got it and a friend into the bargain. Love and light xxx