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Spell Checks-Are you ready to go ahead?

If you are considering having a spell cast with me I want to ensure that you are happy with your decision and this all feels right for you. This page aims to help to give you the points that you need to consider before booking a spell with me. There are three different types of spell cast available to you from my website. And they are all different types or lengths of spell and they are all suitable for different things.

I also need to make a point or two for those who have or are about to ask me to FORCE or MAKE someone do something, like come back to you or obey you and your every desire. There is now a seperate page for this. It is important that you read ALL of this page and ALL of this page, CLICK HERE >>>> FORCE V FREE WILL  before asking me to cast for you.

The spells I offer are a double casting, this gives you 2 casts of your spell, cast one right after the other, these are by arrangement because its often not enough to resolve bigger problems. The 7 level spell is over a week and the custom spell is over 3 weeks. The top level spell I offer is an intense 3 week spell cast, is available with up to an extra 2 weeks free of charge. Totalling 5 weeks. All of my casting work is done for you from a path of love and light. All casts are done here within my own home. 

If you are unsure I am always happy to assess your situation to see which spell will be suitable for your needs, a simple spell divination can help quite a lot. All you need to do is fill in the contact form and check the box to say that you would like to see if I spell is suitable for your needs. Fill in all the details and if possible attach your pictures and send it through to me and I will check into it and advise you further. I am always happy to do this for you.

If you have any doubts at all then thats what I am here for, please go to the contact form CLICK HERE  do send through all of your details of your situation, including how are you got to the point that you are at, the names and dates of birth of all the people concerned and where you are personally at this time. I will then check into it for you and advise upon suitability for your spell cast. If you choose to go ahead without asking me to check the suitability then that is okay but you would obviously be taking responsibility for choosing the right spell , and your expectations for the outcome. And of course I will cast it with the highest possible spell and give you my full attention just the same as I would have done if I had looked into it for you, but you will be taking personal responsibility for your choices. Spells need to be considered when other actions or things in life do not help, and we have to remember that we are asking for help and not demanding it and this means that no one, I repeat no one, can guarantee that a spell  will work for you 100%. That is impossible and although I can guarantee I will cast to the highest levels for you and to my highest spell casting ability , I still cannot guarantee how a spell will work for you. I have a very high success rate with my spell work and people return to me many times for help in their lives with different problems and issues. And I am always happy to help as long as your request is not for revenge or to break up an existing happy couple or relationship. I am always here and happy to advise, and you can ask me about your spell, that of course is your choice.

I am by nature a flexible person, caring but direct and reliable. Lots of my clients now consider me a friend rather than just a witch that helped them. If you choose to go ahead once booked in I will give you my mobile number, it's my personal one so I appreciate you keeping it to yourself and then you have the extra support should you need me in a hurry you can always text me. I never mind if it's an emergency.  If you do decide to go ahead without me looking into things then I need to make sure you are happy with your choices as I am not able to refund under any circumstances once I have started the preparation for your work and your castings, regardless of outcome as I have explained things in full here and what can be expected and my aim is always full success for your spell. Full spells always set out and do something right from the earliest times they all cost, and it is a very rare time when a spell does not do anything at all even though that may not be clear at that point in time. I am here for you, if you have any queries please do ask and ensure you have read all of my website too before booking. Happy with it all? Then you are ready to book if you wish and start our journey towards your desired outcome together. I do get very booked up and sometimes there will be a short wait but if it's too be lengthy I would offer you the chance to cancel the booking so you can find someone else. If asking about relationships its also good to read .click -> Force V Free Will 

This is my promise to you regarding asking me to cast a spell on your behalf.. should you wish me to look into things, then lease use the contact form , and in return I would like you to give me the full details with the upmost truth and honesty that you can summon up, I know it's difficult and painful to write out some of these spell requests, but please do your best as the more I know about you and your situation , the real in-depth details of how the problems came about, what we could be up against from others? then the better chance I have of reversing the problems for you and fixing things so you are back at a point of happiness. Never feel silly or embarrassed with writing things down, I am here to help and everything you tell me stays with me. I offer you total confidentiality. I can only work with what I know, and if you should decide to keep something from me then that aspect will not be changed with the spell because I will not know about it. If asking about relationships its good to read .click -> Force V Free Will Still stuck? CONTACT ME