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Traditional Spells Cast by UK Genuine White Witch Working Alone from Home

Book your Intense Spell Series with UK Experienced White Witch & Spell Caster £249

Intense spell casts by UK Witch and Spell Caster Tanya. All spells crafted individually from my sacred space within my home here in the UK.

To book a full intense spell casting series of casts over at least 3 weeks with me please complete the form below. Please note this spell also includes a series of my 7 level spell as a base part of the intense build up. These casts are different to my other work in as much as although the series starts off being cast over the 3 weeks and that is the minimum that you will get, but if it takes me longer and more work to get your spell built up to a satisfactory level then that is what I will do, whether that takes me 4 weeks or even 5 weeks I ensure that I have reached a certain level with your casts before finishing them off for you and that doesnt cost you a single penny extra. I wont just cast this spell for anyone, I have to feel confident of the person i'm working with on this and although it is white magic it isnt for the faint hearted so please ensure that you really are certain before going ahead with this spell.

You will need to select the area that you would like me to work on for you, for instance Love, Career, Clearing etc and then in the box underneath that you will need to define that further. For instance you may choose love, then in the box underneath put friend into a lover. So please choose the main area from the list and then enter the finer detail in the box below it. Please read and understand all of the points below before booking your spell.
  • All of my spells are completed to the highest level possible.
  • This spell also includes my 7 level spell in the first week to further boost it.
  • If you decide to book without me advising you of suitabilty, understand you take responsibility for your spell choice.
  • All of my spells are cast using traditional white magic
  • All of my spells are available to people of 18 years of age or over.
  • All of my spells are cast from a place of love and light
  • All of my spells are constructed and cast with integrity
  • Are you ready to go ahead? Ensure you have read this page, click-> Spell Checks
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  • Please ensure you have read my Terms, they can be found on the footer menu at the bottom of each page.