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Force V Free Will In Relationships

Spells Cast, Force and Free Will in relationships, is it Good or is it Bad?

This page has become necessary because one-day last week I received 7 messages in one day asking me to take away the free will of someone or to force them to do something. It is becoming so common now and I am finding myself explaining it all to someone every day now, and each time depending on the personal circumstances I am saying pretty much the same thing. Some people certainly do mean it in the fullest sense and this is what they want, others ‘didn’t quite mean it that way’ but most times I still have to go on to explain that it’s really not a good idea and why.

So let’s look at it in the various ways…

So you want me to make him/her do everything that you want? Take away all of his/her free will and make them do everything you say-?

So basically I’m to turn them into your zombie? Is that right? Ok, well that’s not the way I work and if you are thinking along these lines then maybe I’m not the person to cast your spells? After all, if I were to do this, and work in accordance with your wishes, you wouldn’t even be able to say to the partner/person do you want to go to the Cinema tonight? When we take away the free will we also take away their personality. So the person that you want, desire or are attracted to won’t even be there…

Of course they won’t be able to go on to ask you to marry them either! That’s another drawback of making someone be your puppet…No ideas of their own!

So if this were possible and carried out you have to remember that spell work doesn’t always work for an indefinite period, it can be interrupted or changed, challenged even by the choices you take..  and the changes you make.  Things change, situations in life change, people change and circumstances change so what happens if any of these changes take place and the person suddenly realizes that what they would like back in their life is some free choice and the freedom to make those choices

A lap dog is a great idea and a wonderful thing as a pet but not as a partner…don’t be surprised if you come out of work on your lunchbreak to find said partner waiting for you. You say you’re going out with your friends tonight and they say what time are we going? I’ll go and get changed then…. You say you’re visiting your friend for a coffee and they say hang on I will just get my shoes on…

Or shall we say MAKE

Make can be GOOD and MAKE can be a very NEGATIVE action. After all we MAKE a cake and that’s good :) 

But when we are looking at MAKING a person do something against their wishes then we are taking free will away and that’s the same as outlined above.

MAKE him/her reconsider can be viable and I do that! But Forcing against someone’s wishes isn’t good and that’s what we have to avoid or there could be a heavy karmic debt to add in too as well as a whole load of unhappiness.

I want you to MAKE him/her come back…I get asked this every day, this can have positive and negative connotations. Ideally you would be willing to accept that we make him reconsider as this gives the opportunity for the person to think about how things went wrong and realise what they are missing out on. RECONSIDERATION IS a GOOD thing and thats what I always aim for.

But if you are asking me to MAKE him or her come back when there is a good and valid reason why they don’t want to then care has to be taken to get this right, and either work on reconsideration or look at ways to move on.. Otherwise we are straight back into what I have outlined above as we remove the free will and MAKE the person do what YOU want. Relationships should be a two-way thing and the ones that LAST ALWAYS are.  

In this instance you will also need to look for someone else for your work. This is because the way I work will be looking at people thinking about you, and missing you and doing something about being with you.i.e. Coming back! I will work to get the relationship back on track, fixed and healed. So you have a chance of LONG TERM happiness not a lifetime of misery living with a ZOMBIE.

I have too much experience of picking up the pieces from what happens when we take away the freewill and the mess of lives it leaves behind so I will give that a miss and let you find some practitioner that cares little about the KARMA and doesn’t mind doing the Zombie work.

You want them to WANT to be with you not HAVE to be with you

Remember the level of FREE WILL that you remove is directly equal to the level of  SPONTANEITY you remove

If you are still thinking of asking me to cast for you, thats great and I suggest you read this page click-> Spell Checks  too before getting in touch