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I am what you could call a life-long psychic, but didnt work with the gift as such until about 20 years ago. Before that I just used to read for my friends and family. But that all changed when I left full time work and I am now a working full time psychic and tarot reader and well as white witch. My psychic readings all come from a path of light and the guidance I give is for your highest good. It may not always be exactly what you want to hear, but it is usually what you need to hear. I carry out my psychic readings using just psychic ability or with the use of the tarot cards as well. The reading that you can order below is based on 2 questions or areas of focus, but these are not suitable for general readings. There does need to be specific questions for me to work with.Your reading will as a guide, be within 650-700 words in length, thats as a minimum, often your reading will be much longer.. This can be on any subject apart from matters of wellbeing, which is mainly health and pregnancy. Anything else can be worked with. The online psychic reading below is just £23.99 and will be completed and sent to you quickly.3-4 days at the outside. Please think about what you really need to know and word it accordingly. I wont want to give you a one word answer so please avoid questions that can be answered just yes or no. I am a full time psychic and tarot reader and I work Monday through to Saturday. If you have any queries about readings before you book please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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This reading is available to book :) 3-4 Days turnaround where possible( Not incl sundays)